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Services for Local Clients (Clients in the UK)
» Is your client in need of medical services? If they are from or based in the UK, we can provide anything from medical reports to diagnostics, doctors to rehabilitation. If your client is not based in or from the UK, we can provide excellent international services. Please refer to our services for international clients page on our website for more details.
» We can provide reports conforming to the major international standards including the United Kingdom. If your case is under commons law, we will provide medical evidence conforming to the CPR under guidelines of General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom. Alternatively, we will provide reports conforming to AMA (for Australia) and AMC (for America) guidelines.
» We can provide complete rehabilitation for your clients in the UK or Europe, such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy, operations and many more. If you have any enquiries about our rehabilitation services, please contact us.
» We can arrange for local doctors in mainland Europe or we can fly our doctors from the UK to other European countries to examine the clients, if required.
» We provide diagnostics services in collaboration with major diagnostics centres country wide. If your clients have been injured and they need MRI scans, or X-Rays or any other diagnostic tests, we will provide everything required and if a client has not yet been diagnosed with a condition or illness, we can supply fully-trained doctors to examine and diagnose the patient.
» If a client is not in the UK, we can arrange repatriation which will include arranges for flights or air ambulance or air taxis, local transport and hospital arrangements as well as finding them accommodation.
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